Terms & Conditions

When you make a purchase at The Social Business, you agree that you have read and understand these terms of service. We require that everyone reads through these terms of conditions before purchasing because upon purchase, you have accepted these terms.

We have purposely made these terms clear and easy to understand so that people without legal knowledge can adequately access the legalities concerning their purchase from our company.

General Guidelines

  1. Do not make a purchase if you do not agree with our terms of service. As mentioned in the introduction, you must abide with these terms once you make a purchase.
  2. We have the right to change these terms and conditions at any times without providing any notice. These changes will override the previous terms and conditions.
  3. The terms and conditions you are currently reading is up to date. If you wish, you may come back to this page periodically to check if our terms of service has been modified.

Our Service

  1. We only provide the service as stated. In other words, we do not guarantee that your new followers will interact with your account unless stated explicitly. If, for example, you purchase “likes” we only provide the amount of “likes” mentioned. We do not guarantee that users will continue to “like” your posts or photos
  2. We do not work with accounts that endorse illegal activities or pornography. We reserve the right to deny our services to customers if their account falls into either category.
  3. We cannot guarantee that every new follower or fan will follow your account indefinitely.
  4. To fulfill all services we require information such as Usernames for your social media accounts, emails, names and links.
  5. All account’s that follow, like, retweet, or favorite in all services we offer except the “Business Expansion Package” are Inactive or fake accounts. These are just for show and give the perception of popularity.

Payment Via Paypal

  1. We use Paypal because it is a secure, convenient, third-party vender. When you use Paypal to purchase our services, you agree to all of Paypal’s terms and conditions as well as our terms and conditions. You agree that you will not issue a fraud report, request a refund, or initiate anything else that involves attempting to get your money back. We take these cases seriously. Attempting to get your money back after receiving our service is no different from stealing from a physical store.
  2. If you choose to attempt to receive a refund, we have every right to reverse all of the actions that we have taken on your account. In other words, we will remove the likes and followers that we have provided.
  3. If any Fruadulent claims are made we have the right to take ownership of your account associated with that order until the fraudulent claim has been reversed.


  1. You must be at least 18 years or older to use our service. If you sign up and you are younger than 18, we reserve the right to negate the services we provided without providing a refund.


  1. All images, text, and other elements used on our website are owned by (company). We reserve the right to take legal action against an individual or business who uses these copyrighted elements without our consent.


  1. You must follow the guidelines of whatever social media network you are on. If you break the terms of service of Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, we have the right to negate our services without providing a refund.
  2. We are not liable for anything that happens on your social media account. If your pictures are deleted, your account is suspended, or your followers / likes get removed, this is out of our hands. You will not receive a refund, and we will not provide a “redo” of our service unless you pay again.


  1. We are not responsible for your business or social media account. We are not responsible for any damages that you occur – even if they are a direct result of our services.
  2. We do not make any guarantees regarding an increase in sales, popularity, or any other potential benefit.
  3. We cannot guarantee that our website will be up and running. If our website is down, it is probably due to the fault of a third party (such as a hosting company).


We provide a digital service. This service has many limitations and other variables that make treating it like a physical service impossible.

As a result of these limitations, we cannot provide refunds. This is a standard practice in our industry.

Once you make a purchase, you agree that you will not request or attempt to initiate a refund unless you meet the circumstance(s) mentioned in the next paragraph. Again, we do not provide refunds under any circumstance except for those mentioned below. If this bothers you, do not purchase from our company.

There is one circumstance that makes you eligible for a refund. We do not accept a refund for any other circumstances (including customer dissatisfaction). This valid circumstance is:

  1. We failed to deliver your service. Please note that we sometimes take longer than usual. If you are concerned about your delivery, please contact our support team. If the issue isn’t resolved, you have 7 days from the date of purchase to report that the order wasn’t fulfilled.


We take your privacy very seriously. We do everything we can to ensure that your private information is never shared with third-parties. We never sell or redistribute any information unless it is required due to a formal legal proceeding.

We only use personal information such as Usernames, Passwords, Emails and Links to fulfil your order.

These terms are governed by the laws of the state of New York, without regard to its conflict of laws provisions