The Importance Of Instagram For Businesses

September 28, 2014

At first glance, Instagram seems like another gimmick – another Internet fad that will quickly fade into oblivion. If you’re hesitant about the viability of Instagram your opinion is reasonable. After all, the social media platform is filled with photos of food, shirtless selfies, and vacation photos. It doesn’t seem like a good place to pitch a product.

However, other entrepreneurs keep telling you how important Instagram is to their businesses. It seems like everyone is rushing to gain as many followers as possible. Business magazines and websites talk about it ad infinitum. The noise is impossible to ignore.

So is Instagram really important?

Yes. If you use Instagram correctly it can help your business succeed. It can help you drive more customers to your business and build your company’s reputation among consumers. Many businesses have seen massive success strictly from their Instagram accounts. If you play your cards right, you too can see significant growth from this social media platform.

In order to understand why Instagram is so important, you need to understand the process through which potential customers find your business. Lets look at things through a consumer’s eyes. Lets say that Ted likes watches. However, he hasn’t purchased one because he hasn’t found a reasonable priced watch that he likes.

Ted browses through the hashtag #watches on Instagram. He sees another person wearing a great watch. Intrigued, he clicks on the photo and reads the description. The description says that it’s a [Example Company] watch so he decides to visit the watch company’s Instagram profile.

Once he arrives, he is immediately impressed. There are hundreds of photos of cool people wearing the company’s watches. The photos have hundreds and even thousands of likes. Each photo lists the price of the watch in the description. He notices that the watches are within his price range. The social proof of the Instagram page makes him much more likely to buy. He visits the website (the link is at the top of the Instagram page) and immediately makes a purchase.

As you probably know, social proof is vital to your business’s success. A popular Instagram profile is the ultimate social proof. Instagram is hip and cool. Most of the users are young. If you have attractive photos that showcase your product or service (for example, a picture of a personal trainer coaching a client), potential customers will be impressed.

Instagram’s influence doesn’t stop at customers obtained through the social media platform. If you link to an Instagram profile on your business website many potential customers will look at it before purchasing your product or service. If your Instagram profile is popular and high-quality, customers will be much more likely to purchase your product.

Instagram is the perfect way to showcase the casual side of your business. The customer immediately lets his or her guard down when viewing your page. They don’t feel like they are being sold to. There are no hard sales on Instagram.

Think of it like this. If you approach a girl in a bar she will be on her guard immediately. Multiple guys have already attempted to talk to her that night. Now approach that same girl at a bookstore. At the bar, she might act cold and even try to get away. In the bookstore, she will act much more friendly. Why? The environment changes.

Social media is like the bookstore and your website is like a bar. Customers put their guard up when they visit your website because they expect that you will attempt to sell your product. On Instagram potential customers have their guard down, so they are more likely to be open to your product or service.

Spending time building up your Instagram profile can be a great investment. It’s not unusual to see a marked increase in sales due to a combination of new traffic from Instagram and an increase in conversion rate due to the social proof that a high-quality and popular Instagram account provides.

However, building a popular following isn’t easy. You will have to implement a variety of marketing methods and other techniques. Growing your Instagram account will likely be a fairly slow process with growth that increases exponentially over time. The more established your business is, the quicker you will build it.

Both large and small businesses are quickly realizing the benefits of purchasing followers and likes on Instagrams. This serves as a shortcut to success on the platform. Considering how cheap this is, you should consider this as an option.

If you pay for followers, we highly recommend continuing to build your profile naturally. You should combine natural and artificial techniques in order to maximize the growth and impact of your business Instagram profile. The Social Business ( has a mix of both.

While the building process will take some time and effort, your efforts will be well worth it. Your business will greatly benefit if you have a sizeable Instagram following. Instagram is definitely important for businesses.

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