Buying Instagram Followers and Likes

September 14, 2016

The time old phrase, “fake it ‘til you make it” has been around for good reasons: by painting this prettier picture of yourself, you effectively become more desirable in the eyes of who you’re trying to attract. You act your best self on dates, you embellish your resume and lie about your credentials in interviews. It’s not a bad practice.

If you’re trying to build a brand on social media, the concept remains the same. Instagram’s explore page is designed to showcase the most popular accounts. S/he who gets a massive amount of likes and followers find themselves front and center for the whole world to see. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how to get there. What was once a fun app used to connect with friends instantly becomes a high school popularity competition.

It doesn’t seem like a bad idea to buy Instagram likes and followers, then. It works like this: you simply pay someone with the understanding of how Instagram works and that person gives you a slew of followers and likes. Enough to get you on that explore page.

It’s like an inflation. A balloon of numbers that can help you reach Instagram’s stratosphere. And from there, it gets easier. With all these massive followers, you’ll soon attract the eyes of real people. They’ll become curious as to why you’re so popular and soon find themselves attracted to what you have to offer.

Think about it: would you want to trust a weight losing brand that has 500 followers or 10,000? Or a make-up artist who seems like she doesn’t know what she’s doing? If she had a low amount of followers, it may seem that way. But once the public sees that she has a multitude of followers and that people trust her, buying Instagram followers and likes is justified. The more it looks like people trust your brand, the more people will actually trust it. Sounds like a vicious circle but stay with me here. What I’m saying is that you need to fake it long enough for you to get the results that you want.

If you’re still skeptical, think of it as a business invest for your brand. It’s about success. Buying Instagram likes and followers is about elevating yourself to the next level.

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